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Pool dome

Does the EXIT pool dome also fit on other swimming pools?

In our blog: ‘Will an EXIT swimming pool dome fit on my pool?’ you can read all about what is possible for your swimming pool.

What do I need to bear in mind when assembling my EXIT pool dome?

In our assembly video, we provide useful tips and tricks for the assembly of an EXIT pool dome. 

My pool falls apart while setting up the dome, how is this possible?

Often this is due to improper mounting of the frame tubes. Check whether the long tubes are connected to the long sides of the pool and the short tubes to the short sides; there is only a small visible difference between the large and small tubes.

Are the tubes correctly attached? Then our advice is filling the swimming pool while you set up the dome. The pool frame is already stable with 10 cm of water.

Is there enough room under the EXIT swimming pool dome?

Under our pool canopies there is plenty of room to move around. You can still throw a ball and, in many cases, you can even stand under it! Always make sure that there is enough fresh air under the canopy when swimming. < br /> < br /> Because of its shape, the canopy is tallest in the middle. Below you will find the maximum heights of the canopies for all EXIT pools, when mounted on the pool. To get a good idea of the heights, you can click on a number of dimensions for a video.

244x76cm - 180 cm 220x150x65cm - 135 cm
300x76cm -  220 cm 300x200x65cm - 149 cm
360x76cm -  250 cm 400x200x100cm - 181 cm
360x122cm - 295 cm 540x250x100cm - 220 cm
427x122cm - 320 cm 400x200x122cm - 222 cm
450x122cm - 330 cm 540x250x122cm - 240 cm
488x122cm - 350 cm  
Can I swim in my pool if the EXIT dome is closed?

Make sure there is always enough fresh air under the EXIT pool dome when swimming. Do you have a 400 x 200 cm or 540 x 250 cm dome? Then you can easily remove the sides of the dome, or open the windows. The round shelters are best left ajar. The round dome is best left ajar, so only close the dome completely with the straps or rubber bands when you are not using the pool.

Can I get sunburnt under the EXIT swimming pool dome?

The EXIT swimming pool dome provides 60% protection against UV rays, so you will not get burnt very quickly when you swim. That makes swimming safer with an EXIT swimming pool dome; but you should nevertheless use sun protection cream!

What measures should I take with the dome during strong gusts of wind or a storm?

Make sure that the dome is always affixed using the included elastic bands (whether it’s open or closed). In principle, the dome can take some wind, but if there are strong wind gusts, the dome must be protected. We advise the following:

In quiet weather (up to wind force 2) you can keep the dome either open or closed and even partially unfolded. In wind force from 2 to 6, we advise you keep the dome completely open or completely closed. In case of wind force greater than 6, we advise to have the dome completely open and to anchor it. In case of doubt, unfold the dome so that the pool is hit by as little wind as possible.

How can I clean the dome?

The best way to clean it is to carefully get rid of the dirt with some cold or lukewarm water. Avoid using detergents, hard brushes and abrasive sponges.

I can't get the screws of my 220 x 150 cm or 300 x 200 cm EXIT swimming pool dome to fix.

Two sets of screws are included with this swimming pool dome, one set for EXIT pools and one universal set for other pools. So make sure you’ve used the right set of screws. Do things still not work with the right screws? Then please contact our customer service.

There is a gap between the EXIT dome and my swimming pool, is this correct?

Yes, this is normal. The smaller the pool, the more space there is between the cover and the pool.


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