Common questions about outdoor toys


Which materials are used to make your playhouses?

Most of the EXIT wooden playhouses are made from FSC® certified cedar wood (FSC 100%, SCS-COC-000652-WH). This type of wood does not splinter and by nature it is resistant to weather influences, such as rain, and therefore resistant to wood rot. You do not need to treat the EXIT wooden playhouses before use.

The EXIT Aksent wooden playhouse series is made from FSC certified pinewood (FSC 100%, SCS-COC-000652-WH). This high-quality wood comes from Scandinavia. Pinewood is impregnated under high pressure. This ensures the longest possible lifespan and the wood requires no further treatment.

How do I maintain my playhouse?

To maintain the beauty of the wood for years to come, we advise you to stain the wood every second year. If mildew appears on the wood, it is best to rub it off with a dry cloth and perhaps green soap.

Can you also attach the slide to another spot?

In most of our wooden playhouses, the slide can be attached to spots other than the ones indicated in the manual or on our website.

In the Beach 300, Fantasia 300, Loft (300, 350, 500, 550, 700, 750) and Crooky (300, 350, 500, 550, 700, 750) the stairs and the slide can be attached on either the left-hand or the right-hand side.

In houses with an extension or a veranda, the slide can also be mounted at the front side of the playhouse. This applies to the Loft (350, 550, 750) and Crooky (350, 550, 750) playhouses. The fence at the front side of the extension or veranda is moved over, creating room for attaching the slide at the opening in the front side.

My playhouse has a strange smell when opened. Why is this?

Cedarwood is known for its distinctive fragrance. Over time, the intensity of the smell will decrease once it is exposed to the outside air.

Where is the best place to put my playhouse?

Place the playhouse on a flat dry surface at least two metres from any structure or obstacle such as a tree, fence, garage, house, overhanging branches, washing lines or power lines.

Do I need to secure/anchor the playhouse?

No, this is not necessary, but it is possible. An anchor set is available separately on our website. With the EXIT anchoring set for play equipment and play houses, you ensure that the playhouse always remains firmly on the ground.

Can I leave my playhouse outside in winter?

Yes, you can. Just don't leave it on a moist surface such as grass during the winter.

Help, my playhouse is changing colour. What should I do?

Cedarwood will age over time, this is a natural process due to exposure to sunlight and rain. It ensures that longevity improves. So keep in mind that the appearance of the product will change slightly. If you don't like this, you can paint the playhouse in a different colour, as required.


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