Which trampoline suits my child(ren)?
19 februari 2024

Which trampoline suits my child(ren)?

We have a great selection of trampolines at EXIT Toys. But what exactly is the right trampoline for your (child)ren when it comes to safety and bounce quality? EXIT explains what you should consider when choosing a suitable trampoline for your family.

A trampoline for all ages

EXIT Toys works with different quality categories for trampolines: bronze, silver, and gold. Discover what determines the quality of an EXIT trampoline.

Young children experience the biggest fun jumping away on a trampoline from EXIT Toys with a bronze bounce rating. These trampolines have short springs so they can easily push off the mat. The EXIT Silhouette trampolines and EXIT Elegant trampolines are our trampolines with a bronze rating, which makes them very suitable for this category.

Keep the balance or maybe rather not...

Which trampoline shape is most suitable for your family depends on your child(ren)’s jumping experience. A round trampoline is ideal for children with limited jumping experience: The mat is pulled tight all around which automatically moves them back to the middle with every jump. So, an easy way to keep your balance!


For children with sufficient jumping experience, the round trampoline is an option, but a rectangular trampoline is more of a challenge. So, is your child a real acrobat? Thanks its rectangular shape they can use the entire mat to practice all their stunts and tricks on the trampoline. Discover more differences between round and rectangular trampolines.

Entering the trampoline safely

And finally, you have the choice between an EXIT Toys inground trampoline or a trampoline op legs. An inground trampoline is a good tip for younger children. Because the inground trampoline is low to the ground, getting on and off is a piece of cake. Would you still prefer a trampoline on legs? With an EXIT trampoline ladder in combination with a trampoline platform even the youngest ones will have no problem climbing onto trampolines.

Luckily it doesn’t really make much of a difference for the older children: because they can easily get onto any kind of trampoline, so at least you don’t have to take that into account when choosing a trampoline. Are you not quite sure yet which trampoline you prefer? EXIT will gladly help you to make your choice between inground trampoline or a trampoline on legs.

A trampoline for the entire family

Now, what if you have children of different ages: which trampoline from the wide range of EXIT Toys would be the best choice? There’s no quick answer for that. This strongly depends on your personal situation. For example, how much jumping experience do your children have? Would you like a trampoline on which children can continue to have a blast? We roughly advise the following:


If the children have little jumping experience, then there’s plenty to choose from with these EXIT trampolines with jumping comfort Bronze. On these trampolines with short springs, both young and slightly older children can push off well and make endless jumps.


Do your children have more jumping experience, then a trampoline from our EXIT trampolines range with jumping comfort Silver would be an excellent choice. Due to the longer springs, experienced trampoline jumpers can make the highest jumps on these trampolines.

Discover the trampoline for your children now

See the table below to discover which trampoline features and which EXIT trampoline suits your children best. So, use our EXIT tip or check our entire collection of trampolines and choose your very own favourite!


Age Jump experience Bounce rating Trampoline
3-5 years A little - none Bronze Silhouette trampolines
  Sufficient - plenty Bronze Elegant Classic trampolines
6-7 years or several ages A little Bronze Elegant Classic trampolines
  Sufficient - plenty Silver Elegant Premium trampolines
From 8 years A Little Silver Elegant Premium trampolines


For more information? Call, email or chat with us!

Do you have additional questions about our trampolines? Please let us know! Contact us via chat, call 808 - 1893980 or email us at info@exittoys.com. We will contact you within 24 hours!

Which trampoline suits my child(ren)?
Written by: Liza

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