A round or a rectangular trampoline?
02 mei 2023

A round or rectangular trampoline?

The choice of a round or rectangular trampoline is perhaps done quickly: you find a rectangular trampoline nicer than a round one, or vice versa. It is indeed often a matter of taste, but have you ever wondered what else can play a role in determining the right trampoline shape?

Will small or bigger children jump on it, for example, and can the trampoline take up a lot of space in the garden, or not? EXIT Toys clarifies matters:

Round trampolines: safe, super fun and for everyone

Keep the age of the children who will use the trampoline in mind. We recommend using a round trampoline for young children. The round shape ensures that the springs are equally taut everywhere. Children are automatically pulled back to the centre with every jump. As long as they do not pull stunts that are too crazy, it will have to be a real art to end up next to the jumping mat. But, a round trampoline is not only safe, it's also fun: a taut jumping mat everywhere means that you can jump optimally on a large part of the mat. You can use every corner of the jumping mat with the round trampolines from EXIT Toys!

Rectangular trampolines: a real challenge

A rectangular trampoline is highly recommended for older children with sufficient balance and jumping experience. The rectangular shape ensures that you can jump higher and easily over the entire jumping mat. And, if your younger children would rather prefer a rectangular trampoline: we standardly deliver our trampolines with a safety net or unique Freezone safety tiles. This way you can safely jump trampoline on all our trampolines, whatever shape they have. You will find more specific information on purchasing your trampoline in the blog: which trampoline is suitable for my child(ren)?

The best spot for your trampoline

But, where is the best place for your trampoline? Because, this too is decisive in the choice of a round or a rectangular trampoline. For example, do you want the trampoline to occupy a clearly visible spot in the garden, or does it not have to be all that visible? 

A rectangular trampoline can easily be moved to a corner. We advise, however, to keep 2 meters around the trampoline free of a fence, wall or other objects. But, the stylish EXIT trampolines can also be used as a real eye-catcher in the middle of your garden.

More than just a trampoline

Take a good look at the shapes in your garden. Do you have a garden with square flower boxes and a rectangular fishpond? Or, does the garden have more round shapes? For more unity in the garden, you can choose a trampoline shape that matches the look of the garden. Match the trampoline with these shapes and the trampoline will become a real part of the garden. In addition to being playground equipment, the trampoline is also a nice garden accessory.

But, the fact that the choice is often more than a mere difference in taste, is something to think about. So that you will be able to jump trampoline safely on your new trampoline soon, whilst having a lot of fun and with a new eye-catcher in the garden! View our range of trampolines.

More information? Call, mail or chat with us!

Do you have additional questions about the EXIT trampolines? Let us know and we will be pleased to provide you with personal advice. Contact us via chat, call 808 - 1893980 or send an email to info@exittoys.com. We will contact you within 24 hours!

A round or a rectangular trampoline?
Written by: Laura

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