EXIT Hika playhouse

With the wooden playhouse your children can have endless fun in their own garden. The compact, wooden outdoor playhouse with roleplay wheel challenges kids to a new game time and time again. Turn the wheel and eagerly await at which theme the wheel will stop… The play equipment for in the garden has a natural wood colour, a dark grey roof and is easy to assemble. Immediate play fun for children aged 2 and up!

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Roleplay wheel: fun for everyone

With the turning wheel with eight play themes it’s always a surprise which theme it’s going to be. Will the wooden outdoor playhouse change into a restaurant or a pharmacy? Or will the kids play hospital or police station? You name it, anything is possible with this EXIT Hika wooden playhouse!

For lots of fantasy and imagination

Toddlers and preschoolers will have the greatest fun with this playful garden play equipment. They can easily walk in and out, as the house is open. So as a parent, you can keep an eye on the children from a distance - perfect! With its fun details, such as the letterbox, counter/desk, shelves with chalkboard paint and bright fence, it’s a perfect place for children to get totally absorbed in their own fantasy play.

Playing together is more fun

The playhouse really invites children to play together. While the cook places the dishes on the counter inside the house the waiter brings the plates to the guests of the restaurant. And the supermarket manager places the offers for the customers on the desk. Dad, mum, big sister, or brother will make sure there are great price offers on the chalkboard. Do the kids prefer to play puppet show or dress-up? Of course this is an option as well. Grab the costumes and fun accessories, invite their friends and let’s play!

Safe play comes first

The Hika wooden playhouse meets safety standards EN 71 and is made of FSC® certified cedar wood (FSC 100%, FSC® SCS-COC-007799). This wood is naturally resistant to weather influences such as rain and thus resistant to wood rot. The wood has not been treated with unhealthy chemicals. So you can be sure that your little one can play safely. And the best part? Once your parcel is delivered, the outdoor playhouse is assembled in no time. The pre-assembled panels make assembly a piece of cake. The kids can’t wait to play!

Sustainable: 100% repairable & recyclable

The Hika wooden playhouse has been developed in accordance with our EXIT sustainable philosophy. This playhouse for example is 100% repairable. This means that every part can be replaced. Spare parts can be ordered for at least five years after purchase. In addition, the wooden playhouse is 100% recyclable. This is because only mono materials have been used. These are materials that consist of just one type of raw material. These materials are easier to recycle because a separation of raw materials is not required.

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