Why play outside in the Winter?
23 december 2022

Why play outside in the Winter?

The Winter season stands for building a snowman, going sledding and skating. Playing outside in the Winter is not only great fun, but also educational and healthy. EXIT Toys explains why playing outside during the Winter season is so beneficial:

A Winter wonderland!

There is so much to discover and learn from playing outside in the Winter: the animals in the garden have suddenly got much thicker fur, the sun seems lower in the sky and the Autumn leaves have been replaced by a Winter wonderland. By playing outside during all four seasons you can see how nature changes throughout the entire year. It inspires and teaches children what all the different seasons have to offer.

Creatieve Winter games

And not only that: Did you know that Winter challenges children to adapt their play? When the trampoline is hidden underneath its cover and the play house has a coating of snow or ice, children will come up with different ways of occupying themselves. The winter stimulates their sense of creativity. In addition, EXIT Toys also has plenty of outdoor toys that are fun to play with in the Winter: for example baking snow cakes in the Yummy outdoor play kitchen. Let children explore their surroundings and they will think of the most original Winter games and sports.

Why play outside in the Winter?

Keep moving

Whether it’s Summer or Winter, staying nice and active is always a good idea. Without even realising it, children are often busy moving around for hours when playing outside. From active Winter games such as sledding or making a snowman they will also develop strong muscles and stay fit too. And what about when their sports team is on winter break? With the sports products from EXIT Toys children can continue their training in their very own garden and stay top fit!

Why play outside in the Winter?

Outdoor play = a breath of fresh air!

Particularly with central heating on inside the home, it is advisable to catch a breath of fresh air now and again. This way, the body will still get some vitamin D, even in the winter! Do the children find it too chilly to go outside? Grab the winter coat, scarf and gloves; as soon as they get playing they will no longer feel the cold. Then once they are back inside, they can snuggle up in a warm blanket with a nice hot cup of tea. And at night, they will no doubt sleep like a baby.

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Why play outside in the Winter?
Written by: Laura

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