Summer play tips
26 juli 2023

Summer play tips

Summer is the perfect season for hours of outdoor play fun. On tropical days, water games are pure enjoyment, but without water you don’t have to be bored either. EXIT Toys lines up the best play ideas for summer. Continue reading and let yourself be inspired!

Test your teamwork skills with water balloon volleyball

Challenge your friends with a game of water balloon volleyball. This way you can have an active and cool summer in the backyard, without the pain and frustration of water balloon fights ;-). You play the game with 4 people.


This is what you need:

Water balloons

2 towels

EXIT sports net


Don’t have a sports net (yet)? Then create your own net by stretching a rope.

This is how it works:

Step 1

Make sure that you’ve filled a bucket full of water balloons.

Step 2

On each side of the net, two people take place.

Step 3

Each duo holds a towel, and a water balloon is placed on one of the towels.

Step 4

The duo with the water balloon uses the towel to launch the water balloon over the net to the other team.

Step 5

The other team catches the water balloon with their towel and throws the water balloon back by using the towel.


Do this for as long as the balloon doesn’t snap. Does it snap on your side of the field? Then the counterparty scores a point!

Summer play tips

Water play fun with your self-made boat

What could be more fun than playing with boats and water? Playing with water and your self-made boat!


This is what you need:

3 corks


Rubber elastic bands

A skewer

A piece of fabric or coloured paper

Let’s get started!

Step 1

Glue the corks together at the long sides and twist two elastic bands around them.

Step 2

Cut two triangles from the piece of fabric or the paper.

Step 3

Paste the two triangles on top of each other, with the skewer between them. Make sure the skewer sticks out a bit at the bottom. This will be your flagpole with a sail!

Step 4

Prick your ‘flagpole’ in the centre cork and let’s go sailing!


Let your boat float in the EXIT sand and water table, in your swimming pool or bath.

Summer play tips

Take on the quest with the 'EXIT summer word search'

Is it so hot that you’d rather save some energy? Drop down comfortably in the garden and solve the 'EXIT summer word search'. Also fun on the way to your vacation! Click the image below and download the word search puzzle.

Underneath the world search puzzle you find the words we’ve hidden. This could be horizontal (left to right), vertical (from top to bottom and from bottom to top) and diagonally (from the upper left to the bottom right side and vice versa). Can you find all the words?


Go paint with ice-cream!

Painting with ice-cream? Absolutely! It doesn’t get more summery than this!


This is what you need:

Food colourings


An ice cube tray

Wooden ice sticks


A plastic sheet if necessary


This is how you do it:

Step 1

Fill the ice cube tray with water and add a few drops of food colouring to each department. You can mix colours or use different amounts of drops for colour variation.

Step 2

Shortly place the ice cube tray in the freezer, until a thin layer of ice has formed. Press the ice sticks in the ice so they remain upright.

Step 3

Place the ice cube tray back in the freezer.

Step 4

As soon as the water is completely frozen you can take the ‘ice-creams’ out of the freezer.

Stap 5

Make sure you have some paper ready and cover your surface well with plenty of paper or a plastic sheet. Now you can start painting with the ‘ice-creams’. And err… to keep things fun: make sure you only paint your paper and don’t lick the ice-creams ;-).


Do you make the most gorgeous Picasso paintings? We like those quick strokes, otherwise the ‘paint’ will melt in no time!

Would you like more information? Call, email, or chat with us!

Do you have any questions about our summer play ideas? Or do you have a fun idea yourself? Let us know! Feel free to contact us through the chat, call 808 - 1893980 or send an email to info@exittoys.com. We aim to respond within 24 hours.

Summer play tips
Summer play tips
Written by: Carolien

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