How do you prepare your trampoline for winter season?
11 september 2023

How do you prepare your trampoline for the winter period?

In autumn and winter season, children spend much less time playing outside. Leaves are falling on the jumping surface of the trampoline and rain showers are clattering on the frame. Who knows, we might even get a bunch of snow! Protect your trampoline well against these weather conditions. Below we give you tips for a trampoline autumn and winter check!

5x all set for autumn and winter

During autumn and winter, you can safely keep your trampoline outside. Especially when you prepare your trampoline for these seasons. By doing so, the lifespan of the trampoline gets expanded. How to prepare your trampoline? It’s easy:


→ Use a cover
→ Remove the safety net
→ Anchor the trampoline
→ Optional: dismantle the trampoline
→ Check the trampoline

Use a cover

With an EXIT cover you protect your trampoline in all weathers. This way, weather conditions like rain or snow have less influence on the frame, the jumping surface, and the springs. You also prevent dirt, like fallen leaves, from ending up directly on the trampoline. Convenient when you don’t have space to store your trampoline during winter season, or if you prefer not to have to set up your trampoline again every springtime.

Do you have a round or rectangular trampoline, a trampoline on legs or an inground trampoline? At EXIT Toys you can find a suitable cover for all sorts and sizes of trampolines. The drainage holes make sure there’s no water left on the trampoline surface. On a beautiful autumn or winter’s day you can simply remove the cover so the kids can enjoy jumping again.

How do you prepare your trampoline for winter season?


Snow on your cover

Has it snowed a lot? Then do remove the snow from the cover of your trampoline in time. That way you’ll prevent the weight of the snow from stretching the springs too much. It also reduces the chance of tears in the jumping mat.

Remove the safety net

Chances of a firm wind gust or a storm are much larger during autumn and winter. When there’s a storm or heavy wind forecast, it’s better to be safe than sorry and to remove the safety net. Without this net, the trampoline is less vulnerable to wind, and you’ll reduce the risk of a flying trampoline. In this blog you can read how to remove the safety net step by step.

How do you prepare your trampoline for winter season?

Anchor the trampoline

You can also anchor the trampoline. By doing so you prevent the trampoline from being airborne during heavy winds. In addition, anchoring also makes sure your trampoline always stands firmly on the ground, even when the children are having the wildest of adventures. At EXIT Toys you can find a useful EXIT trampoline anchor set, which makes sure the frame of EXIT trampolines stands on its legs as solid as a rock.

Dismantle the trampoline and store it

Do you have enough space to store the trampoline in winter season? Then you can choose to completely dismantle the trampoline. This does mean extra time to break it down and set it up again though. Make sure to precisely follow the added manual when dismantling the trampoline: in reverse! For example, remove the springs crosswise, so they won’t stretch.

EXIT tip: Make sure that the trampoline is completely dry before you store it. If there’s any remaining damp, the material can start to show spots.

Action plan for autumn or winter

In the table below you can see what you should do under which weather conditions:

Situation Action EXIT product
Many leaves and light rainfall 1) Cover the trampoline with a cover after jumping or regularly remove any dirt. EXIT trampoline cover
Strong winds and rainfall 1) Remove the safety net so the trampoline will catch less wind.  
  2) Cover the trampoline with the cover. EXIT trampoline cover
  3) Anchor the trampoline, so it stands firmly on the ground. EXIT trampoline anchor set
Temperatures around or below zero and (heavy) snowfall 1) Follow the steps as with ‘Strong winds and rainfall’.  
  2) Be sure to also remove the protective edge as it doesn’t withstand frost.  
  3) Dismantle the trampoline if you have enough storage space.  

Check the trampoline

All EXIT Toys trampolines are made of high-quality material that lasts for years. The frames and legs of our EXIT trampolines are galvanized and therefore protected against for example weather influences and rust. That’s already a good thing. You can also help prolong the lifespan of the trampoline yourself.

Check for example whether the jumping mat and the springs are still OK. Are all tubes still securely fitted in the frame? Is the protective edge still in good shape? If you check this during the autumn and winter check, you won’t be faced with unpleasant surprises.

How do you prepare your trampoline for winter season?

Do you have a part that needs to be replaced? Then simply go to our website to order new parts. In this blog you can read how this works. Through our EXIT Service Portal you can find your outdoor toys and order the right parts for your product. That way your children can enjoy the trampoline again come springtime!

Would you like to find out more? Call, email, or chat with us!

In our blog How do I take care of my EXIT trampoline? you can read more useful tips to enjoy your trampoline even longer. Do you have any questions? Let us know! Feel free to contact us through the chat, call 808 - 1893980 or send an email to info@exittoys.com. We’re jumping at the chance to help!

How do you prepare your trampoline for winter season?
Written by: Geke

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