Green swimming pool water caused by algae? Five tips to get the water clear again!
30 juni 2023

Green pool water caused by algae? Five tips to get the water clear again!

How is it possible that sometimes from one day to another the frame pool water gets green. And what is the best way to handle this? In this blog we give you the answer and share a number of tips to get your swimming water nice and clear again, so you can float around in your above ground pool again in no time!

The cause of green frame pool water

Algae! The most common cause of your swimming water turning green are algae. That’s why, in this blog, we will explain how these organisms (tiny plants) can best be combated. Just like us, algae love the sun, and they use the sunlight to grow and multiply. Certain weather conditions, like thunderstorms, can also stimulate the growth of algae. Luckily, when the water is green you can still take a dip in it, because algae aren’t harmful for your health. Algae does, however, indicate that the swimming water is in poor shape. That’s why it’s a good idea to do something about green frame pool water and to improve the water quality.

Green swimming pool water caused by algae? Five tips to get the water clear again!

From green and turbid to clear and clean swimming water

With the following tips you can make sure the water becomes and stays clear again:

1. Bring the water quality to the right level;
2. Check your filter pump;
3. Add chlorine to the swimming water;
4. Limit the amount of sun beams that reach the water;
5. Get rid of the green!

Tip 1: Bring the water quality to the right level

With the EXIT 3-in-1 test strips from our EXIT frame pool starter kit you can easily measure the chlorine and PH level and the total alkalinity of the water. These three should be balanced for a good water quality: without or with the wrong alkalinity, the PH level crashes, and without or with the wrong PH level, the chlorine level drops. Below we explain to you what these terms actually mean.


→ The alkalinity are all substances in the water that are able to neutralize small amounts of acid. Thus it makes sure the chlorine and PH stay balanced. This is the basis of good frame pool water.

→ The pH level or acidity of the water is very important for the working action of chlorine. If the PH level isn’t correct, the chlorine won’t work optimally. As a result, the frame pool water is not properly disinfected.

→ Chlorine is a disinfectant that is important to keep the frame pool free of bacteria, mould, and algae.


In our blog about testing frame pool water you can read more about our test strips! By bringing the water quality to the right level, you tackle the source of the problem.

Tip 2: Check your filter pump

The filter pump filters dirt from the metal frame pool and thus keeps the water clean. It’s important to let the filter pump run as much as possible. Namely dirt is a good food source for algae. Hass your swimming water turned green? Then let the pump run for at least 24 hours a day. Would you like to swim but also clean the water? Then let the pump run for a couple of hours at the start of the day and turn it back on for a few hours after swimming.


In addition, it’s important to regularly clean or replace the filter material in the filter pump. If your swimming water isn’t getting clean even though the pump is running sufficiently, then perhaps the filter material no longer absorbs dirt. Time to clean or replace this material.

Tip 3: Add chlorine to the swimming water

With a chlorine shock, you can bring the chlorine back to the right level in just a few hours’ time. The chlorine shock is a quickly dissolving disinfectant in the shape of a powder. It immediately kills harmful bacteria and burns organic material. To allow the water to calmly recover from the chlorine shock it’s best not to go swimming in it for about twelve hours. After that, you can enjoy a fresh frame pool again.

Tip 4: Limit the amount of sun beams

A true dilemma: Would you like nicely heated water from the sun or a pool without algae? Because the sun does not just heat up the frame pool water, it’s also a source of energy for algae that makes them grow. That’s why it’s wise to limit the amount of sun beams that reach the swimming water during (extremely) hot days.


→ Would you like to keep playing in the pool but still limit the sun beams, then this canopy is the perfect solution for you.

→ Would you like to protect the swimming water as well as possible against dirt and light after the swim fun, then this cover is most ideal.

Green swimming pool water caused by algae? Five tips to get the water clear again!

Tip 5: Get rid of the green!

If you don't do anything about it, there’s often still a residue of green deposits on the bottom or walls of the frame pool. Even if the pool has good values, appearance matters too. To get rid of the green residue, there is one solution: scrub it! A good way to get the pool even cleaner is to use a pool vacuum cleaner. With this hoover you can easily remove all residue from the walls and bottom of your metal frame pool.

Preventing green frame pool water is the best solution

With these tips, the swimming water will be clear and clean again. Please note, however, that it can sometimes take several days before you achieve the desired result. Subsequently, it’s a matter of maintenance and regularly testing the water quality. Preventing green frame pool water caused by algae is easier than curing it. By regularly testing the water quality you are always aware of the water balance, and you can adjust it where necessary. That way you can enjoy clear and clean swimming water all summer long!

Would you like to find out more? Call, email, or chat with us!

Do you have any questions about our frame pools? Let us know, our customer service is ready for you. Feel free to contact us through the chat, call 808 - 1893980  or send an email to info@exittoys.com. We are happy to help, so you can soon enjoy your swimming adventure!

Green swimming pool water caused by algae? Five tips to get the water clear again!
Green swimming pool water caused by algae? Five tips to get the water clear again!
Written by: Laura

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