Fun roleplay ideas for the Hika wooden Playhouse
24 april 2024

Fun roleplay ideas for the Hika wooden playhouse

In and around the EXIT Hika wooden playhouse with its unique roleplay wheel, your child can experience the most imaginative adventures in their own backyard. If you turn the roleplay wheel, you get to see one of the eight icons. Each icon represents a certain play theme: for example a supermarket, hospital, restaurant, theatre, pet shop, castle, ice cream shop and a police station. In this blog we've come up with a number of fun play ideas for some of the icons, so your child can have unforgettable adventures with their friends, neighbourhood kids and nieces and nephews!

Your child's own supermarket

Turn the roleplay wheel and… voilà, a shopping cart! Hand your child the fruit from the fruit bowl and a milk pack from the refrigerator and let's head out to the supermarket in your own backyard. Write this week's offers on the chalkboard that is provided with the playhouse. The children do their grocery shopping and put everything on the counter. The child behind the counter of the playhouse plays the cashier and settles everything with the customer.

Fun roleplay ideas for the Hika wooden Playhouse

Doctor's office in your backyard

With the doctor symbol on the wheel, children can for example play doctor. Are the children suffering from something? On a piece of paper they draw where they have pain and throw it in the little house's mailbox. This time, the chalkboard shows the doctor's name and the practice's opening hours. At the counter, the assistant tells the children they can wait on the bench in the waiting room. Then the doctor goes and examines the children for a while. Perhaps they need immediate treatment, or perhaps the children already want to move on to the next game.

A cool castle or fun with animals

Turn the wheel again and the children can put on their knight's outfit. In the Hika playhouse which has now been turned into a castle, the children make sure they protect the entire country! Or is the wheel saying that the children are ending up at the vet, the animal shelter, or the pet shop? Then they can involve stuffed animals or even pets in the game. They could for example, examine their dog and take care of it by giving it food and by subscribing medication.

Fun roleplay ideas for the Hika wooden Playhouse

To the florist

Of course it's not written in stone which play theme is connected to which icon and you'll notice that children are creative in coming up with new themes. Does your child see the shopping cart on the wheel as a florist's shop? In that case it's time to go shop some flowers and plants! The florist gives advice about the most beautiful plants for in the garden and explains which flowers smell best. The children describe the colours and shapes of their favourite plants and water them.

The playhouse as a hair salon or a car garage

In addition to the eight icons there are a many more fun play ideas to think of with the Hika wooden playhouse. Turn the playhouse into a hair salon for example: each doll get's a different hairdo! Or how about a tough car garage to fixup the toy cars in? The possibilities are endless!

Fun roleplay ideas for the Hika wooden Playhouse

Multifunctional playhouse

The EXIT Hika wooden playhouse is multifunctional. The counter becomes a bar or a cash register and the couch in the waiting room becomes a shelve for different products or a lookout. With the chalkboard on the side of the playhouse, the playhouse can be personalized or tailored to every theme.


With the EXIT Hika wooden playhouse children experience hours of play fun together or on their own. So, which roleplay are they going to play today?

Fun roleplay ideas for the Hika wooden Playhouse
Written by: Laura

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