Discover which EXIT rebounder suits you best
17 maart 2023

Discover which EXIT rebounder suits you best

A game of football, bouncing the volleyball as long as you can or throwing the ball; playing outside is the perfect way to burn some energy. Would you like more variation in your games then a rebounder is a great addition in your garden. At EXIT Toys you can choose from six rebounders. In this blog we fill you in on the differences between our various rebounders.

Bright green or sleek black design?

Whether you’re a soccer, handball, volleyball, water polo, or tchoukball player, with a rebounder you can teach yourself all sorts of new skills. You can practice your agility, shooting power and accuracy. Taking and passing the ball, throwing it in, heading and goalkeeping can all be playfully practiced with a rebounder.

At EXIT Toys we have rebounders in two designs: the EXIT Tempo and the EXIT Kickback. The budget friendly EXIT Tempo rebounder has a bright green look and is a real eyecatcher. The EXIT Kickback rebounders have a high quality and a sleek black design. All EXIT rebounders are easy to take with you and can be used in any location: in the garden, on the field or in the sports hall.

Which size suits you?

The EXIT Tempo rebounder is available in two sizes: 100 x 100 cm and 120 x 120 cm. With the EXIT Kickback rebounders you can choose from three sizes: M (84 x 84 cm), L (124 x 124 cm) and XL (164 x 164 cm).

A larger rebounder of course needs more space in your garden than a smaller version. And remember: the larger the rebounder, the easier you hit, throw, or kick the ball. It’s almost impossible to miss. For children aged up to six, this might be all the more pleasant. The smaller EXIT Toys rebounders do really challenge kids from age 7 and up! Because the smaller the rebounder, the more difficult it becomes to hit the net.

Special EXIT football rebounder

Are you a real diehard football player, then the special EXIT Kickback football rebounder size 124 x 90 cm would be perfect for you. This rebounder has two ways of challenging you. You can shoot the ball into the net, but also pass the ball underneath it. The ball will then make a turn and come back: ready for a nice shot at the goal. This rebounder is a little higher from the ground, so you cannot shoot the ball directly into the net by bouncing it off the ground. A great challenge and perfect to practice all your football skills! The wheels underneath the frame make it easy to move this rebounder or to store it after a training at the soccer club

Discover which EXIT rebounder suits you best

Different positions for a bigger challenge

All EXIT rebounders can be positioned at different angles between 35° and 90°. The higher the angle the rebounder is at, the more challenging the game will be! You determine how the ball will bounce back. With the Tempo 100 x 100 cm you can choose from seven positions, the Tempo120 x 120 cm has eight positions, and the Kickback rebounders can be placed in no less than ten positions. The special EXIT football rebounder can be placed in seven different positions. The choice is yours!

For every ball game

The EXIT Toys rebounders can be used for various sports. After all, you practice all sorts of ball skills that come in handy during for example a game of volleyball, handball, football or tchoukball. Do you play hockey? Then it’s best to choose a EXIT Kickback rebounder. This rebounder has a wide protective edge around the frame, making sure the hockey ball cannot pass between the net and the frame. In addition. the meshes of the net are smaller with this rebounder, making sure the hockeyball doesn’t go through the holes.

Help me choose

In the table below we conveniently line up all the differences between our rebounders for you. Whichever rebounder you choose you will get faster, more skilled, and more accurate. Read our blog for 10 fun practices with the EXIT rebounders.

Rebounder Size Colour Positions Sport
EXIT Tempo 100x100 cm 100 x 100 cm green/black 7 Handball, volleyball, football, tchoukball
EXIT Tempo 120x120 cm 120 x 120 cm green/black 8 Handball, volleyball, football, tchoukball
EXIT Kickback M 84 x 84 cm black 10+ Handball, volleyball, football, tchoukball, hockey
EXIT Kickback L 124 x 124 cm black 10+ Handball, volleyball, football, tchoukball, hockey
EXIT Kickback XL 164 x 164 cm black 10+ Handball, volleyball, football, tchoukball, hockey
EXIT Kickback football rebounder 124 x 90 cm black 7 Football

Would you like to find out more? Call ,email or chat with us!

Do you have any questions about our rebounders? Let us know, our customer service is ready for you! Feel free to contact us through the chat, call 808 - 1893980 or send an email to info@exittoys.com. We are happy to help.

Discover which EXIT rebounder suits you best
Written by: Laura

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