8 sporty games for the EXIT adjustable sport net
17 mei 2023

8 sporty games for the EXIT adjustable sport net

Footvolley with friends, badminton with your sister and a water balloons fight with the entire family: all these activities are possible with the EXIT multi-sport nets. Are you wondering about the many possibilities of these nets? Below is a list of eight sports and games:


Set up the net at the lowest position and on a hard surface and play a game of tennis. The lowest position of the EXIT adjustable sport net 243x500cm is actually identical to the official tennis tournament height. Play tennis just like a real pro!

8 sporty games for the EXIT adjustable sport net


Is there no wind? Then get ready for a game of badminton. It makes no difference which position you choose for badminton: for extra challenge, set up the net high.

8 sporty games for the EXIT adjustable sport net


Preference for a game of volleyball? The highest position of the EXIT adjustable sport net 243x500cm is the official tournament height for volleyball. Extra nice: you can easily readjust the net, so that the youngest children can also participate.


Smashball is volleyball without the techniques. As the name says, smashing is the main feature of the game. You may serve overhand, dive and roll – it makes no difference! Challenge each other to a game of smashball and create a nice alternative for a game of volleyball!


Footvolley is yet another off-shoot of volleyball. In this game, you keep the ball in the air using only your feet, not your arms and hands. This means that the ball is played far lower and therefore, the sport net is set to the lowest position.

Beach games

Since the multi-sport net is easy to take along in its carrying bag, you can also take it to the beach. For example, spend a beautiful summer day playing a game of beach volleyball at the beach!

8 sporty games for the EXIT adjustable sport net

Water balloons fight

What can be more refreshing on a hot day than a fun water balloons fight? Make it extra exciting by spanning a tarp on the net. The players don’t see where the water balloons come from and that lets you really surprise each other!

Dodgeball 2.0

Make dodgeball extra difficult by placing an EXIT adjustable sport net on the dividing line. This can be done at the lowest position, but it will become ever more challenging as the net is raised. You will have to practice your throws extra well!


Our list of sports and games can always be expanded. Be creative and make up wonderful and alternative activities with the EXIT multi-sport nets! View our multi-sport nets.

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Do you have additional questions about the EXIT multi-sport nets? Let us know and we will be pleased to provide you with personal advice. Contact us via chat, call 808 - 1893980 or send an email to info@exittoys.com. We will contact you within 24 hours!

8 sporty games for the EXIT adjustable sport net
Written by: Liza

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